Care Credit

Care Credit has proved such a popular payment method for dental patients, that we are pleased to accept it for all our services. If you are unfamiliar with Care Credit, North America’s leading patient payment plan, read on to learn how it works.

 Care Credit works like a credit card that you can use exclusively for health care needs. We understand that sometimes patients delay paying for the needed treatment they deserve, and sometimes this delay compounds the health problem and results in an even more expensive dental treatment in the long run! To avoid this negative spiral, we accept payment through Care Credit because their flexible payment plans make it easier for you to afford the treatments you need now.

You’ll need to check with Care Credit and go through their application process to learn what sorts of promotional payment plans you may qualify for. Some of their promotional plans offer 0% interest if you pay your balance off in full within the promotional time period (subject to credit approval). Click here to use a calculator that will estimate your monthly payments. You can learn more at How Care Credit Works.

Because Care Credit is a type of credit card, you can still incur interest charges if you fail to pay your minimum monthly balance, or fail to pay your balance within an agreed-upon time period. But if used wisely, and if you plan accordingly, it can offer the smart health care shopper a great way to break large payments up over time into easily-affordable ones.

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