Dental exams

We highly recommend making dental exams a regular part of your heath care regimen. Seeing Dr. Ertl for routine exams is key to maintaining optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. These regular exams are the cornerstone for preventative dental care and come in three forms. Your initial comprehensive examination (new patient exam) with Dr. Ertl will include, a head and neck exam, intra-oral photos, x-rays (bitewings and panoramic), periodontal measurements, charting current fillings and decay and discussing any recommended treatment to obtaining a healthy smile.  The next type of dental exam  type is a periodic exam and these should occur every six months because decay can start in only a few months with inadequate daily brushing/flossing and high sugar in your diet. The last type of dental exam is a limited examination, and it will take place if events such as a toothache starts or you have been in a sporting accident.

Routine dental exams, and professional cleanings, play a crucial role in ensuring that you are able to keep your natural teeth for your entire life. These exams provide Dr. Ertl and his staff with the opportunity to discover and treat dental problems when they first arise, and to pinpoint potentially serious problems before they become serious. It’s best for most people to have a dental exam every six months, but Dr. Ertl my recommend a different frequency depending upon your state of oral health.

Why do I need dental exams?
Dental problems never resolve on their own. In fact, they worsen over time if they are not properly treated. By scheduling routine dental exams, you’re giving yourself the gift of prevention: small issues won’t have a chance to blossom into large problems. With routine exams, Dr. Ertl can catch cavities in their initial stages, which results in more of your natural tooth structure being saved. Routine exams are also more cost effective in the long run.

What happens during a routine dental exam?
We typically schedule a dental exam and a professional cleaning as six-month recall appointment, (or a new patient exam). Our dental hygienist will see you first, take x-rays, and give your teeth a thorough cleaning. Next, Dr. Ertl will study your x-rays, and examine the inside of your mouth. Healthy gums will appear firm and pink, and healthy teeth will not have any soft, rough or discolored surfaces (which, if present, Dr. Ertl will locate with the use of a dental explorer). If signs of decay or other problems are diagnosed, then Dr. Ertl will discuss his recommended treatment with you.

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