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Laurelwood Family Dentistry: Our office is conveniently located in South Asheville on the ground floor of the Allergy Partners building, directly across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts on Hendersonville Road. We use state-of-the-art technology which results in shorter appointment times for our patients. Our friendly dental teams helps patients understand their personalized dental needs and provides a safe health care experience for you and your family.

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Reception: Our reception area features free WiFi for all of our patients, beautiful photography of North Carolina’s natural areas, engaging reading material, and a tranquil environment.

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Treatment Hallway: At Laurelwood Family Dentistry, we are greatly committed to providing a healthy clinic both for our patients and our staff. For example, hand-washing stations located between treatment rooms feature infrared sensors which means our staff never touches a faucet lever. This greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients, instruments and dental equipment.

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Treatment Rooms: Our dental chairs are so comfortable, you might be tempted to nap! You can watch shows and movies on the monitor above your chair. Dr. Ertl will also use the monitor to show you your digital x-rays or digital intra-oral photos. Our digital x-rays are healthier for you, because in comparison to the film x-rays of olden times, our system will deliver up to 90 percent less radiation. In addition, we use LED treatment lights and LED equipped dental instruments— these better illuminate detail in your teeth and help to shorten treatment time so that you are back to work sooner, spending more time with your family or simply enjoying your afternoon earlier than expected.

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Pan and CEREC Rooms: Our digital x-ray machine rotates around your head and takes an instantaneous panoramic image of your lower jaw, upper jaw, and sinuses. This technique allows Dr. Ertl to see anatomy and oral features that are much harder to diagnose compared to traditional film based x-rays. Our panoramic is state-of-the-art and has multiple settings for adults and children of all shapes and sizes. This means we can take one of the most accurate two dimensional, detailed, and precise images of your jaw possible in a clinical setting. If you have a strong gag reflex, this panoramic can take x-rays without you having to place anything in your mouth. And since we love keeping children healthy, we’re proud that our pan delivers a much smaller radiation dosage in a smaller area, which protects your child’s developing eyes, brain, and thyroid.

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Our CEREC machine allows us to deliver your custom-contoured and custom-colored permanent crown the very same day that we prepare your tooth to receive it. No longer do our patients need to receive temporary crowns and wait for a dental laboratory to fabricate their permanent crown, then return to us for a second appointment to have their crown delivered. We love giving our patients the time-saving flexibility and ease of same-day crowns, inlays, and onlays.

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Sterilization: We are so proud of our state-of-the-art sterilization center, that it’s featured in clear sight of our patients so they know they are safe at every visit. Here’s how it works: dirty instruments enter on the right-hand side, where the red lights are located. The instruments are then cleaned in a Meile thermal disinfector which washes away 99.99 percent of infectious materials (this exceeds OSHA standards). At the end of its cycle, it produces a 200-degress Fahrenheit steam bath which kills and removes bacteria, mycobacteria (like TB), fungus, fungal spores, and viruses.

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When blood or debris dries onto the instruments, it can trap infectious material beneath it. Older dental clinics that rely on staff members manually cleaning their instruments run the risk of not removing all of the dried blood or debris, thereby increasing the risk of having unsterile instruments. Our Miele disinfector greatly reduces this possible human error. After instruments go through the disinfector, they are placed in a sterilizer on the left-hand side where the blue lights are located. The instruments are pressurized and heated to 275-degrees Fahrenheit to kill off the remaining 0.01 percent of infectious agents that may remain. This sterilization process keeps every patient seen at Laurelwood Family Dentistry safe to the utmost of our ability.

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Consultation Room: When patients require multiple appointments for dental treatment, it may be confusing to understand what is needed and why. Dr Ertl will explain each step of your recommended treatment with digital x-rays and actual intra-oral pictures of your teeth. Gone are the days where the dentist tells you that a filling is needed on a tooth and you have to blindly trust them. Dr. Ertl will show you where and why dental treatment is needed. If your individualized dental treatment requires financial planning, our business coordinator will help you understand the numerous different ways you can afford a healthy and beautiful smile. We will also help maximize your dental insurance benefits for you and your family by helping you interpret your insurance plan and how to use it.

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